Green Living With Herbs

Start a little patch of herbs in your garden for really green living. If you don’t have a garden, a cluster of pots on a balcony or window sill will do – herbs are generally quite hardy as long as they get enough daylight and some sun. There’s no need to get fancy – just start with the basics from the Scarborough Fair song – parsley, sage, rosemary  and thyme.
And what’s so green about growing your own herbs… besides the fact that they are green, of course!

There’s far less wastage when you grow your own herbs instead of buying packets of them at the supermarket. You just snip off exactly what you need and it’s fresh and bursting with flavour. No packaging, no leftover quantities to wilt in the fridge and you’re saving money all the way.

Herbs are full of vitamins and minerals – in fact parsley is a multi-vitamin and mineral in leaf form, so you can keep healthier by having a steady supply of fresh leaves in your cooking and on your salads. If you eat plenty  and eat healthily anyway you can probably get away without taking any further vitamin supplements (note that this is an opinion, not medical advice!)

Herb teas are good for you. Read up about the medicinal effects of parsley and rosemary, sage and thyme and you will find that you have a natural medicine chest on your doorstep – perfect for treating coughs and colds, digestive disorders, flagging energy levels and more. Here is a great post on the uses of herbs, researched from my favourite Margaret Roberts book – she is the South African authority on growing herbs and highly recommended reading if you are going to start growing them.

If you only have a small garden, start mixing up the herbs with the ornamental flowers for a pretty cottage garden effect and get the satisfaction of knowing that your garden is feeding you as well as looking beautiful.

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