Greener Business Cards – Eco-friendly Alternatives

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, business cards are still necessary for business networking. Only the techies seem to have got the hang of digital business cards so far and even then it’s not simple with so many different apps and platforms to choose between.

But determined eco-freaks can find a way around anything and more and more creative ideas are coming into play. One of my favourites is this:

The business card stamp
Design yourself a business card stamp and have it made up either as a self-inking stamp or a simple stamp to use with an ink pad. Make sure it uses non-toxic soy based inks, of course – we’re talking eco here not cheapo.
Now you have the freedom to stamp your business card on any paper or card you like – empty cereal boxes, thick cardboard boxes rescued from the recycling pile, re-used envelopes, even sturdy leaves gathered in your garden. You can also stamp your info directly into a contact’s address book or note book, so it is less likely to get lost.

No wastage of paper. You only print the cards as they are needed.
You are making an eco-statement.
You can vary the recycled paper you print the cards on according to the networking event.
Cheaper than having a stack of cards printed.

Design has to be simple, so can’t fit in lots of additional information.
Can look too home-spun for some, not suitable for a slick image.

Green Printing Services
Of course if you are looking for something more traditional for your business cards but want to make sure they are green, look out for a green printing service in your area. You can then have slick design and a green ethos, by using post-consumer recycled paper, vegetable-based inks and more from a company with a carbon neutral standing.

Do your research first to find a genuinely environmentally friendly company. And don’t forget to to have  an eco-statement printed on the back of your business cards, such as ‘printed on 100% recycled paper’ so that everyone knows that your slick company image is still eco-friendly. If you are Cape Town based check out Deep Design’s business card printing service for plenty of green printing options.

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