Green Living Vegetarian Braai in Cape Town

vegetarian-braaiIf you’re a green living vegetarian, you may not be all that excited about the recent hype leading up to South Africa’s National Braai Day on the 24th September. Braais after all generally feed off the over-the-top South African meat culture, with old jokes about chicken being the vegetarian option. If you’re lucky you’ll get a braaied mealie, otherwise it’ll be salads again.

Not so if you head to Deer Park Cafe in Vredehoek, Cape Town on Saturday 24th September. Here you can revel in a full on braai with not a trace of meat to sully your vegetables – braaied mushrooms, mealies and a whole lot more will be on offer, in a delicious braai buffet. The proceeds go to Beauty without Cruelty. More information available in National Braai Day for Vegetarians.

And just to prove that the South African braai isn’t all about meat here is a whole batch of vegetarian braai recipes. And a recipe for butternut, foil wrapped and cooked on the braai. Vegetables taste great braaied, especially if you can keep them away from the boerewors!

Here’s another green event happening on National Braai Heritage Day – this time all about tree planting.